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About Me


My Story

Since I can remember, I have been passionate about visual storytelling.


I remember sitting in the back of the car as a kid, watching the sunset over a midwestern field and trying to encapsulate it on paper with colored pencils. I could never quite figure out how to capture God's masterpiece and take it with me, but man, was I awed by it.  


I'm not exactly sure when I figured out how to work a camera, but I quickly learned that this funny little contraption could ALMOST duplicate what I see with the naked eye. A breathtaking South Dakota midnight sky could be captured with a little thing called "Long Exposure", and my mind was BLOWN. 

And so over the years, I learned that I could use my passion for people and their stories, combined with my infatuation for capturing still and candid moments, and turn them into something tangible. Something that those humans can have to hold on to and cherish for years beyond the moment. 




I would love to help tell your story in a way that you will cherish forever. 

So thus began..... Cass Case Photography

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